Playtests 4 & 5

I got through two more playtests in recent weeks, and I'm excited to announce that I'm officially working toward version two of my prototype. I continue to streamline the rules and balance the gameplay with my awesome buddies Mitch and Rick. 

Two weeks ago, Rick, Mitch, and I posted up at Cafe Mox for a double playthrough of the game. We figured out a better way to get the "Fearsome Critters" into the game, tweaked item drafting, and found out that certain critters are totally OP (I'm looking at you, Musk Ox). We were able to get in two playthroughs in less than 4 hours. Stoked. 

Then, this week, Mitch and I met up at Sully's Snowgoose for several beers and several combat playthroughs. We only focused on combat, and tried to work through as many critters as possible. We also took copious notes. 

The verdict? The Feathers faction (small birds) are kinda useless right now, but Mitch and I have come up with lots of ideas that will turn them from dull to awesome. In fact, I've made edits to about half of all the critters in the game, which means it's time for a second printing. I'm working now to get all the cards in order so that prototype 2 is ready to play by 2015.

I also want to get a first draft of the rules together, so that those of you who are curious about gameplay can start to get a handle on it. 

I can't wait to get more people in front of this game, make some new friends, and bring Flapjack to the masses.